Are power tools always the answer?


Power tool users often assume they know everything there is to know about power tool safety. However, power tools can be extremely dangerous if used incorrectly.

Some things you will like Power tool centre need almost immediately, for example, drills, as their versatility means that you will use them in some way in most DIY tasks. Others, like circular saws, can probably be left until you need them. Others, like multitools, are completely optional.


First is the drill. The most popular power tool, it is also the most versatile. With the right accessories and bits, a drill can do many ancillary tasks in addition to drilling. With a sanding attachment, the drill can be used as an electric sander. While it’s not as good as a dedicated electric sander, it will be more than sufficient for most household tasks, unless you intend to do a lot of woodworking. Any variable speed reverse gear drill can act as an electric screwdriver that can drive a screw much deeper and tighter than by hand.


If you need to do any wood repairs other than a power saw, it’s good to have three types of power saw that can come in handy in your home tool kit.

The first is the jigsaw, the smallest of the electric saws, ideal for working with light materials such as MDF or cutting thin pieces of wood. They need to cut with the grain, as they typically don’t have enough power to work against the grain. However, they are very good at cutting straight lines and are capable of cutting curves in wood and cutting in a pattern.


Nailers, or nail guns, are a useful but not essential tool to have around the home; They can make jobs like putting up sheds or garden furniture much easier by driving nails into materials much deeper, more consistent, and safer than you. could by hand. They allow for a much better build quality for your DIY projects; They won’t replace your hammer, but they will make some projects quicker and easier. Some nailers also feature a stapler feature that allows it to act as an electric stapler, allowing for even more versatility and utility.

Angle grinders

Angle grinders have a circular disc that can be used to cut or polish metals; They are useful if you are working with a lot of metal when used with a more precise cutter, such as a reciprocating saw. Angle grinders can be used to cut and grind metals to size, as well as to remove rust. Most of the time, an angle grinder will not be needed unless you intend to undertake major metalworking projects, such as car repair, or are working with sheet metal. The angle grinder is a tool that should not be purchased until absolutely necessary, as its applications are quite limited and it is rarely needed in general DIY.

Multi tools

Multi-tools are small precision hand trade tools that can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as very light precision drilling, light sanding, light polishing and polishing of metals, cutting of light metals such as copper pipes, knife sharpening and with Engraving of right attachments. The multi tools are designed to be extremely versatile with many different accessories; there are a host of tasks that the multi-tool can be adapted to as needed.

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