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Bannerless Plinths


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Plinth (/plinTH/) n.

  1. A heavy base supporting a statue or vase.
  2. (Architecture) The lower square slab at the base of a column.
  3. (Tabletop RPGs) Hand-crafted, highly detailed bases for 4 medium miniatures. Perfect for displaying your characters between adventures, and moving the whole party around the map between encounters.

The Stone Plinth works perfectly as a tiled floor, such as in a dungeon or castle. Works in its natural grey or paint it to bring out the detail!

The Wood Plinth is perfect for the party that meets in a tavern, a cabin in the woods, or on the deck of a pirate ship.

The Cobblestone Plinth recreates the streets of the party’s hometown, or the path to adventure they took together.

The Steel Plate Plinth works for sci-fi, steampunk, or fantasy settings with a technological edge.

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